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The essential thing to guarantee a healthy life is that from its beginnings, man begins to eat in an indicated way to be able to give his body the necessary nutrients and with it, achieve to grow optimally by learning the art of having a balanced diet.
So a balanced diet in the smallest, must contain the full range of essential foods for health, which provides children with the necessary nutrients for their full development, and with this, the awareness that they should always eat healthy to guarantee their good health themselves.
Orlando Jose Veloso tells us that during the first two years of life it is where the foundations are formed for a completely healthy life, so giving children the best is to help them prevent problems such as obesity, stress, diseases that then transfer their children, in short, following a balanced diet in the little ones will form them as completely healthy and productive adults.
Now, to have a clear idea of ​​what the little ones really should consume, it is important to appreciate that in general all foods of natural origin, avoiding excess fats, junk foods, sweets, in short, everything that does not It provides no nutrient to the body.
Orlando Veloso explains to us, that the most advisable thing is, to give the children breast milk during the first six months of life, being this the only milk that they consume during that time.
After this, alternate with different foods such as soups that contain liquefied vegetables but still breastfeeding, because breast milk is recommended for healthy intake, give up to two years of age of the child.
Now, another important fact in all this, is that when they start giving dry food to children, that is, from 6 months of age, it is best not to add sugars or salt to food, and if it is done, do not do them in large quantities, so that they grow up learning that they are things that should be consumed in a regulated manner because if it does not cause great trauma to our body.
For the rest, within a balanced diet in the little ones, absolutely everything concerning ideal foods, natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, dairy products, meats, vegetables, that children learn to eat should be added of everything and in a regulated way.
Also, the variation of food must be an important point in this topic, since from a young age they must learn to eat everything and that means that they must appreciate the fact that adults vary healthy food so that they imitate the same habits – express Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
And since the little ones are sponges that absorb everything, it is also important that to train as healthy adults, observe good exercise habits in adults and thus begin to imitate it, good health in addition to food, is also the product of a routine of Healthy and beneficial daily exercises for the body.

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