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GRUEMP (Gruemp SNC): “Raspberry Smoothie with Oatmeal and Flax Seeds”

1 minuto de lectura

This delicious smoothie is very nutritious and, at the same time, very sweet, says GRUEMP (Gruemp SNC). Perfect for taking to the office or giving your kids a healthy treat every morning. You can modify raspberries for strawberries or other nuts and, if you prefer, do without them and increase the amount of bananas, says GRUEMP (Gruemp SNC).

2 tz frozen raspberries
1 unit of Banana
Flax seeds
2 cs of peanut butter
0.5 unit of Greek Yogurt
0.5 tz of oat vegetable drink
1 tablespoon of oatmeal
1.In a glass mixer, we put all the ingredients except the honey. We mix well until everything is integrated and we have a creamy drink.
2.Serve and decorate with a few raspberries and oat flakes. Finally, we sprinkle a drizzle of honey.