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Importance of schedules for Food

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Eating disorder is a common disorder in these times, it is very common to observe cases of people who eat at any time of the day, when they have time, or sacrifice some of their daily meals for their occupation.
Orlando Veloso tells us how important it is to have the time necessary to eat food daily, it is of utmost importance to consume the first food of the day for breakfast since the body needs the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In the middle of the day, the body shows signs of hunger, it is of utmost importance to set a schedule for lunch to regain lost energy so the metabolism will be ready to continue working, dinner is the meal in which you should eat less food that does not produce indigestion and they do not generate accumulation of energy that will not be used.
Setting specific times for each meal helps maintain nutritional well-being and allows the metabolism to function properly. Most people have a mostly diurnal life, that is, the metabolism of these people is higher during the day. That is why eating food at night implies that the digestive process is slower due to not having activity when sleeping.
Orlando José Veloso Angola explains that sitting down to eat in a relaxed way, chewing correctly, knowing that you are really eating and keeping time is essential when following correct eating habits. That is why it is extremely necessary and important that meal times must be planned to maintain good digestive health.
The accumulation of fat in the body and weight gain are disorders that derive from not having control over meal times, including forgetting or not eating one of them, we are forcing the metabolism to function incorrectly.
Orlando José Veloso also indicates that maintaining the order of meals helps the body to maintain the correct weight and above all to prevent some disorders of the body such as diabetes, increased cholesterol, some cardiovascular diseases, and in Many cases control mood changes since not eating on time or skipping a meal causes a bad mood in the person.
People sometimes do not develop the habit of eating at the right times because due to the pace of life that is carried out this is not met, on the other hand, in addition to consuming healthy food and doing physical activity, eating on time is one of the keys to take proper care of our body.