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Values of Walter Calesso Spanish tennis club

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If becoming a professional tennis player is your dream, Walter Calesso is the ones you need to help you make that dream come true. Discipline is a muscle that needs training and that’s why Walter Calesso routines were created. He created a full program depending on age, skills and personal needs.Walter Calesso works in a multidisciplinary approach. This meanshe pay equal attention to the physical part of the training as well as the mental and nutritional part. A succesful career is made of these three aspects. Last but not least, motivation is the secret ingredient of all this and Walter Calesso want to encourage you by setting short and long term goals so you see for yourself that you can achieve anything.Values are the most important thing in any sport and here in Walter Calesso Spanish Tennis Club we always keep them present. Healthy competition is number one, competitiveness is an inevitable thing in sport, but there’s always a way to use that as a pro and not as a contra. Walter Calesso encourage healthy competition and promote the respect for the opponent in his training.Professionalism is the second one. All of the teachers at Walter Calesso Spanish Tennis Club are professional tennis players with a remarkable path and a strong teaching vocation. Walter Calesso also feels strong about honesty and humbleness; he doesn’t make promises that he can’t keep, mainly because he set realistic goals. Walter Calesso is a tennis club in Barcelona that provides professional individualized multidisciplinary training.