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The crossfit by Orlando José Veloso Angola

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Whenever a new training technique goes viral, everyone (men and women) wants to practice it. Crossfit does not escape this dynamic, as Orlando Veloso puts it. But what does that form of training mean? Why is it so popular? According to Orlando José Veloso, it is understood as that form of training that links various disciplines, for example weightlifting, metabolic training or gymnastics. The program of these novel exercises is the push-ups and pull-ups, in a certain time with a set number of repetitions.
How can they be done?
Those who wish to apply it to their daily routine should choose to do it in a group or individually. In short sessions and adaptable to the level of each participant. This is indicated by Orlando José Veloso Angola
Who is the creator of this form of exercises?
The innovator was Greg Glassman, who has designed various types of exercise groups for his practice, for both men and women. In which the habitual thing is to put names to him, for example of hurricanes, military, police. There are some of those training groups that don't have names.
Running time of those exercise groups?
These are varied and can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, without taking into account their warm-up and rest. Groups can consist of 1,2, 3, exercises. That depends on the areas you want to develop in your new training.
Who are the best known athletes in this training modality?
• Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
• Tia-Clair Toomey, Ragnheiður
• Sara Sigmundsdottir, Samantha Briggs,
• Rich Froning Jr,
• Mat Fraser,
• Ben Smith
• Jason Khalipa
• Mikko Salo.
What is it for?
Orlando José Veloso tells us that Crossfit is one of the most complete sports activities for human beings. Since it assists in a varied way to the structure of the body and can help to gain strength, power, precision, resistance, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and speed. He has multi-joint or compound movements, which differ from what we do in the gym, says Orlando José Veloso Angola. Since in gyms only single muscle training is started. Therefore, anyone who wants to change their routine and feel that the traditional gym does not help them improve their conditions should apply Crossfit to their lifestyle and in a few months they can see the result.