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Mobility in Crossfit. By expert Orlando Veloso

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This is a fundamental point of discipline in Crossfit. It is through the same that performance and progress improve, the sections must include mobility in routines, since otherwise muscle pain or injury will increase. Orlando José Veloso Angola explains that the importance of mobility in exercises (snatch, overhead squat, pistols or Hand stand push ups) will allow us to execute them in the best way. If we have poor mobility, there is no progress, the learning achieved will be lost, the idea of ​​progress does not lie in increasing weight, says Orlando Veloso. Being there where many make mistakes and leave mobility aside. In short, mobility allows work on the joints and this will mean that in the future the ligaments, muscles and tendons will not suffer injuries. It should be pending, says Orlando José Veloso Angola, that these movements are carried out consciously and in an optimal range without exceeding or minimizing the impact. Everything must happen at a midpoint, says Orlando Veloso.
What are the exercises we can do to improve mobility?
In some crossfit classes called "mobility" are established, the goal is for crossfitters to achieve greater mobility and flexibility in their bodies. These exercises seek:
• Get elasticity to the shortened or tense muscles.
• Enhance the core area.
• Get mobility muscles and joint structures that are blocked.
• Reasoning of the body posture we have during each movement to improve technique.
The exercises that can be practiced are according to José Veloso Angola:
• For mobility in the hip: Here the exercises to use are the psoas and the iliac. You start from one of a kneeling starting position on the floor, placing one leg forward by flexing the knee and putting your foot on the floor. And that moment the other leg will be slightly extended behind with the knee resting on the floor. This is how Orlando Veloso explains it.
• For mobility in the ankles: elastic rubber. For this we will tie it to a column and put one of the feet inside, installing the rubber at the ankle. Later Orlando José Veloso Angola explains, we will stretch as much as we can until the rubber is taut and we will bend the knee forward without lifting the foot off the floor.