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Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo and The Constructora Conkor CA Tower new’s opening

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The Constructora Conkor CA Tower was originally scheduled to open in 2016. Instead, there will be delays. Unfortunately for Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo and all his team, the structure will not be fully finished until 2019. Several associates with Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo claimed the company tried to pressure the city into advancing the project. Conkor International The mayor admitted that the Constructora Conkor CA Tower is an inspiring project that will receive the recognition of the tourists one day and that Alejandro Ruiz Mazzeo and his team "deserve all the best in this special circumstances." However, the city council had no choice and decided to slow Alejandro Ruiz Mazzeo’s project as much as possible until the economy gets back on track.Alejandro  Ruiz Mazzeo has designed a road trike called the "Y-5" for the Conkor International Red Wing model. Alejandro Ruiz Mazzeo was the second person to manufacture a new type of road trike. That model gained recognition and no doubt helped kickstart his career as a designer. His work attracted international attention as the designer for the car makers such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Citroën.Alejandro Ruiz Mazzeo is also known for his design of the BMW C 1 and C 2. Alejandro Ruiz Mazzeo is also one of the most successful and most loved designers. In the next ten years, he has put his imprint on numerous automobiles and bike. The Y-5 is a unique model that gives a major surprise with its looks and many advantages that come with this bike.