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Most important Crossfit exercises: Orlando José Veloso Angola

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Orlando José Veloso talks about some exercises that will make you train your whole body in the gym.
1. Squats:
Squats are a regular exercise in the gym, but also in CrossFit workouts. It is a regular both in the pre-WOD part where the force is trained and in the circuit itself and we can find it in any of its variants.
2. Overheadsquats:
This is a variant of the previous exercise in which we do the overhead barbell squats. In this case, placing the feet in the same way as in the previous exercise, but with the bar on the head with the arms fully stretched. It is an exercise that requires a lot of technique and flexibility and therefore it is necessary to execute it carefully and increase the weight very little by little as we feel safe with it.
3. Pistolsquats:
The pistolsquats are another variant of the squat in which, in this case, we do it with one leg. Orlando Veloso indicates that we begin to lower by bringing the hip back and flexing the knee of the foot that is supported. We stretch our arms as we lower to maintain balance.
4. Burpees:
To carry out this exercise, we start standing in a relaxed position and then, jumping up, bring our legs back and place our hands on the ground, remaining in the flexed position. We do the flexion touching the floor with the chest and we return to the initial position doing between a jump and a slap on the head.
5. Muscle ups:
In this position we pull with all the force that we can trying to raise our body as high as possible and even overcoming the bar with the chest. As we climb we must change the position of the arms holding the bar at the top and doing a triceps extension to finish with the arms stretched out on the bar.