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CrossFit, the fashionable sport that is not only for supermen, believes Orlando Veloso

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Francesc Gascó, known as Pakozoic, is a paleontologist, although at first glance he looks more like a firefighter. His body, sculpted with hours and hours of training, is a mixture of strength and agility thanks to the sport that triumphs in gyms between men and, increasingly, women, CrossFit, says Orlando Jose Veloso.

Star of Instagram, a social network in which he has hundreds of thousands of followers, Pakozoic has been another person since he discovered CrossFit, a discipline that speaks wonders and that wants to bring even more to the general public. "It is a training methodology that mixes many varied exercises that come from gymnastics, weightlifting and other origins. It is therefore varied, with movements carried out at high intensity," he explains.

The boom it has had in our country is something unquestionable. "He arrived in Spain a few years ago, has become popular in the last five, perhaps, and continues to grow. New stores are opening throughout the entire geography constantly." And it is that according to data from 2018, some 80,000 people practiced it and the forecasts were that it would rise around 20% for this year, according to Forbes.es.

"Its success possibly lies in the fact that people meet other people training, it creates a sense of community, of a group, similar to when you have a football team or whatever, people make pineapple," explains Francesc, who He believes that it also influences how quickly it gives results. "Being in high intensity, let's say the results are easy to see, people who are encouraged to practice CrossFit begin to see improvements in both physical fitness and the ability to do many exercises. It is about functional exercises, it involves to the whole body in training, you leave with the feeling of having trained hard, you come out very tired. "

What are the exercises and levels
Seeing what the exercises consist of and the intensity of the training, doubts arise. Is it for all audiences? Do I have to be in shape before I start doing CrossFit? "All the pits have an initiation program, or a modality that is initiation. People often believe that you need to be fit to practice it, you see competition athletes doing certain exercises in such a harsh way that you think that It is something for high levels. That level is professional, but you can carry out a training that adapts to the level of each person and for that there are a lot of qualified coaches who adapt each training to the physical state of each person. "

And of course, apart from an initiation level and an amateur level, there are CrossFit competitions. "They are equivalent tests to each training and for each repetition or time a series of points is awarded. There is a kind of World Cup every year, the CrossFit Games, in which the best in the world are beaten. It is quite a show and is followed by hundreds of thousands of fans, "says Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.

Of course, carrying out such a demanding activity is not easy to combine with the working life of each person. "If you have a job that absorbs you a lot and you also want to give everything by training you have to find balance. The luck that I have is that I really like training, I really enjoy it, I usually train with the same people and we have created a group of friends, So it is not difficult for me to come. When it is a time of hard work, it is true that you train much less, I find it hard to keep coming here with the intensity that I am looking for, "explains the Valencian, who also has his facet as an Instagram star. "People when they like what you share, your day to day, your workouts, your recipes, it is easy for them to follow you. To dedicate yourself professionally to Instagram you have to be already the elite, you have to spend a lot of hours on it. He is a little skeptical that it is a job, but there are people who have such a level of followers that it is obviously already a job. "

The importance of food
And of course, not everything is sport, you also have to take care of what you eat. "It is obvious to everyone who begins to train constantly, that you have to take care of food. The moment you take the step of taking care of what you eat, it shows a lot. The quality of your own performance goes up like foam, it's amazing. " Although she explains that "as long as I don't neglect living too, I don't want to train and take care of my nutrition to constantly complain about it. I want to live as I like, celebrate this lifestyle, you have to find balance and enjoy yourself."

Finally, Pakozoic commented on an always controversial topic, that of diet. "I have companions who are frequent intermittent fasting and stop eating for certain hours and notice much improvement, especially when they are trying to lose some fat. Yes, it is true that when you train at high intensities or have times of a lot of training, the normal thing is that you eat well. You don't have to eat the whole supermarket, but you have to eat good amounts and above all know what kind of food and nutrients the body is asking you for.

BIO: This 35-year-old Valencian changed his sedentary way of life for CrossFit. He combines his facet as a paleontologist (he has several written books, some for children) with being a benchmark in fashion sport. It sweeps networks, has a book on training ('There are no excuses') and a blog on nutrition.