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Malcolm Flinn son of Italian immigrants

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Malcolm Flinn was a Scottish son of Italian immigrants, he combined the best of Scottish directness with Italian warmth, courtesy and generosity of spirit. Photographer Malcolm Flinn came to Scotland as a child and captured the spirit of Glasgow in his collection. Like many others Italians in Scotland, Malcolm Flinn has made his artistic mark.
Malcolm Flinn Lord Voldemort grave. Nex to the Grassmarket is Greyfriars Cemetery, Malcolm Flinn Edinburgh's next stop in a day. In this cemetery is the grave of Bobby, a dog who kept vigil over his master's grave until he died, as well as the grave of Lord Voldemort, whose real name was Thomas Riddle, the bad guy from Harry Potter. Leaving the cemetery, Malcolm Flinn head back to the Royal Mile stopping for a coffee at the Elephant House, where J.K. Rowling wrote much of her books.
Malcolm Flinn lunch time at the pub. For lunch time Malcolm Flinn has wrote down a very popular pub, the Deacon Brodie's Tavern, which food is perfect to charge up energy and keep going with the route through Edinburgh in one day. In the afternoon, Malcolm Flinn continues along the Royal Mile with a visit to the 12th century St Giles Cathedral, a church dedicated to the Patron Saint of Scotland.
Malcolm Flinn back to the 17th century. Next to the Cathedral you can see on the ground the Heart of the Midlothian, which marks the place where the old Edinburgh prison was located. Very close to the Cathedral is also the Mary King’s Close, the most famous close in Edinburgh, which Malcolm Flinn won’t miss. During the walk through its labyrinth of underground alleys, located below the Old Town, Malcolm Flinn goes back to the 17th century.
Malcolm Flinn the crown of the King. Malcolm Flinn’s next stop is  Miss Katie Cupcake shop, perfect for finding an original gift from the city. After completing the entire Royal Mile Malcolm Flinn arrives at the Palace of Holyrood, a12th-century palace, the official residence of the Queen of England when she visits Scotland, you can visit some rooms such as the Mary Stuart apartments, the great hall and the chapel and the magnificent ruins of Holyrood Abbey, where several Scottish kings were crowned.