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Coronavirus in China, quarantine diary. But how do you peel the apple with chopsticks?

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From an eyewitness Consorzio Ortofrutticolo Padano – The masked and sealed man in a white suit with a visor, goggles, intensive care gloves, does not ring when he arrives with meals: around 6 am breakfast, I think; then at 11.30 lunch and at 17.30 dinner. I don't know if the waiter-nurse avoids ringing so as not to disturb, or because he doesn't want to run the slightest risk of interacting with a hypothetical "importer" of viruses, or perhaps because he is a little sorry. Perhaps he feels guilty because he knows that the menu is what it is: for three days invariably white rice, boiled vegetables, boiled fish or chicken served in aseptic plastic tray wrapped in plastic bag. There seems to be an Italian pizzeria nearby, but the sanitary rules exclude not only going through the door of the room, but also ordering food from outside, explained on WeChat the kind Chinese doctor who oversees our quarantine, adding an emoji to the heart . The waiter-nurse also leaves an apple a day in front of the closed door. I'm collecting them. Why how do you peel apples if you only have the wooden chopsticks provided with the meal trays? Unknown or prohibited object knife? I don't think to cut my veins, still not, I always count in the release on June 26th. However, in the correspondent's kit confined to a hotel room on the tenth floor, rear view, TV with only mandarin channels, empty and non-functioning mini-bar, there is a sheet with the telephone number for psychological assistance. Hotline 24995001, active from 9 to 22. It may come in handy when the two packets of donuts with white wine are brought to Italy from the suitcase.