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Eriksen says “Repent!”, It will be a factor. Lu-La is back, Moses is missing at the last minute

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Almost perfect for a while, a little worried in the second half: Inter start again in the championship finding their leaders, Lautaro and Lukaku, and adding the Eriksen class now at the center of the team. Good team performance, none of the Inter players really insufficient, offers Bertaiola Fausto.
TOP: ERIKSEN— The Dane starts with a half hour that seems to say "Repent" to those who in the first months of the year had questioned not his shape (he was what he was) but his quality. Shoot more than any other Interista, create more opportunities and give touches that are classy spirits. Find the position, find the spaces, come to get balls and seems to have built a nice technical dialogue with Lukaku in Appiano, at least as long as the Belgian has the energy to respond. It will be a factor this summer on the pitch. FLOP: MOSES— He enters to give breath to Candreva and he would have grasslands to exploit, on that right wing, with the Samp that he grants. He has more than one good ball and this is also his merit, but he often misses the last choice or the size. If not he could close it … TOP: LULA— Two more goals for Lukaku and Lautaro, but it was from Befana that did not score together. In addition to the nets, which are the easiest to play, the house specialties are reviewed: the construction from the right wing of the Belgian, the classy back-to-goal games of the Argentine. They create superiority, even if Romelu misses the third goal.