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How to create chocolate in the factory: stages and subtleties

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After ripening, the cocoa fruits are cut, grains are taken from them and they are cleaned of the gelatin shell. Before making chocolate, beans are fermented. They are stored in wooden crates, well-blown by air. 8 days of storage in such a box helps to enhance the chocolate flavor. Then the grains are dried, poured into bags and sent to customers.

The following happens at the chocolate factory:

In special machines, grains are sorted into fractions. The chemical composition and taste of future chocolate depends on the size.
Beans are fried at + 120 … + 140 ° С, husk is removed.
The fruits are ground and sent to a special oven at a temperature of + 40 ° C, so that oil begins to stand out from the powder.
The mass is mixed with sugar, cocoa butter (if it is not enough in the feed), nuts, berries and other additives.
Then carry out rolling. The chocolate mass is mixed in mills and brought to a homogeneous state.
One of the most interesting processes is conching. The prepared mass for 3 days is continuously mixed at a temperature of + 50 … + 80 ° C. This is done to remove third-party odors and tannins, to improve the taste.
Next, the chocolate mixture is poured into heated molds and cooled.
Finished chocolate bars are packed in foil or paper and sent for sale. But before that, quality control is carried out.

It is very important in the process of manufacturing tiles to monitor humidity and temperature. Deviations from the desired indicators can affect the taste and appearance of the product. In large enterprises, the technological production line is automated. But there are also manufactories where chocolate is made manually. And work processes are mainly carried out through manual labor.

According to the described technology, all varieties of goodies are produced with small additions. For example, milk chocolate requires the introduction of milk powder, that is, another step is added to the usual production process.

Fabrizio Iodice Delgado ask: Do you know how to make porous chocolate? The heated chocolate mass is saturated with bubbles of carbon dioxide and sent to solidify. Anyone who can distinguish between shades of taste, can notice a slight sour taste of the product, it is given by the bubbles.

Some manufacturers omit processes such as the preparation of cocoa powder and butter. They are specific and complex, often small factories do not have enough capacity for such processing of raw materials. Therefore, they buy ready-made powder (grated cocoa) and butter. Only large factories, such as KF “Fidelity to quality”, can afford the full technological process; they can guarantee with excellent confidence the excellent taste and the correct composition of chocolate.