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How to eat chocolate? Chocolatier tips

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True fans of natural chocolate are deeply convinced that this blessed dessert is not just food, but one of the types of pleasure that acts in the same way as, for example, melodic music or a beautiful landscape.

And if you also strive to rise to a higher level in the love of chocolate, then find out how to eat this delicacy correctly and with what it is better to combine it.

Chocolate tasting: achieving harmony of taste

Fabrizio Iodice Delgado offers allow at least a little time on purpose to understand the taste of chocolate in its entirety.

✔ First, be sure to drink sparkling mineral water to clean the taste buds. Will you try different varieties of this treat? Then share the tasting of each dessert with a couple of sips of sparkling water, which will not mix different flavors and taste sensations.

✔ If you brought home a chocolate bar in the cold season, then wait until the product warms up to room temperature, otherwise you will not be able to fully taste its taste.

✔ Carefully touch the rich brown surface of the treat: its texture can be not only smooth, but also rough. Admire the glossy sheen of a natural dessert. Breathe in the marvelous, magical aroma of real chocolate.

Then break off a piece of it, and a characteristic dry click (the so-called “click”) must certainly sound. In addition, when breaking the tiles chocolate "fragments" should not scatter in all directions. These details are very important because they testify to the excellent quality of the product.

✔ Do not eat chocolate quickly, otherwise you will not even have time to understand what it was in your mouth and you won’t get any pleasure. Put a piece on the tongue, but do not chew – let it gradually melt, and then press it against the palate so that the taste palette opens as much as possible and becomes saturated.

When chocolate begins to slowly dissolve, in its taste there will be a gamut of certain nuances, muffled and almost elusive. Exotic woody notes, a little taste of unknown fruits … These subtle differences depend on in which area, on which plantation and soil cocoa trees grew.

Therefore, do not think that the dessert contains additives – no, these unique flavor features are created by the beans themselves grown under the sun of Bali, Ecuador or Cote D’Ivoire. In fact, all the varieties of natural chocolate that you taste are capable of causing these amazing taste sensations.

✔ With each bite you eat, you will experience an increase in the effect of chocolate on your body and your spirit. Do you feel any better mood? Do you want to smile? Slightly increased heart rate? Have a pleasant excitement?
Then keep tasting … Just don't overdo it!