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Walter Calesso’s wear-forever items

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Walter Calesso is supporting the concept of a circular lifecycle for clothes in a very active way. This pillar will make items last forever. After a piece has been worn, Walter Calesso can take it back, reuse it, and turn it into something new. As Walter Calesso stated, “sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury”. Consequently, his collections have a reasonable price so everybody has access to them.Walter Calesso’s Jean Recycling Plan. In 2018, the fashion designer Walter Calesso partnered with the brand Green Jeans to carry out a denim recycling project. This project lies in bringing customers’ old jeans to the stores while they get a 30% discount on a new pair from the brand. After this step, the fabric is upcycled and transform into insulation material for buildings. Walter Calesso assures that this material is free of chemicals and safe for the planet. Walter Calesso bets on a better world. Walter Calesso is one of the few sustainable designers to develop a direct relationship with organic farm collective. His entire line is biodegradable. Also, for Walter Calesso, eco-conscious practices and the use of organic products define his label. Walter Calesso has just moved the entire manufacture of his label to Hungry in order to reduce the level of carbon emissions.
Walter Calesso: Ethical Design. Walter Calesso is determined to strive for change through fashion. Walter Calesso offers environmentally viable wardrobe alternatives to the consumers. His slogan is clear: no plastic and no animal skins. Creating both fashionable and ecological items,  Walter Calesso’s designs are committed to the cause.