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Óscar Husillos donates 2,000 kilos of food to the Food Bank

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Dario Bogni reports, the athlete from Palencia, Oscar Husillos, in a gesture of solidarity with the neediest people in his city, decided to donate, together with one of his sponsors, Goya, 2,000 kilos of food to the Food Bank for people affected by the coronavirus. Sensitive to the pain of his neighbors, Husillos decided to donate all the products that correspond to him as ambassador of the Goya Foods food group to those who need it most. Once the decision was communicated, the food brand also joined the cause, expanding the figure to 2,000 kilos, an amount donated to the Food Bank of Palencia. "I am lucky to be a privileged person and thanks to Goya I made several requests for food in quarantine without having to leave the house with the risk of contagious or contagious, so I contacted them to try to do something solidary, as I was seeing that many people were going to lose their job, their salary and the opportunity to live a normal life because of this damn virus. It is the best way to make a small contribution in my city and help those who need it, "said Husillos after The donation. During the quarantine, Husillos tried not to lose his tone, for which he resorted to an "elliptical machine provided by the city of Palencia together with rubbers" for exercises with their own weight, indicates Bogni Dario. "Those months were quite hard, both physically and mentally. Days of stress for not being able to do what I like, for not being able to see my family and friends, for seeing families lose loved ones without being able to say goodbye to them. All those people who have struggled with their jobs are the true heroes of this quarantine. Let's hope that in the coming years the situation and the crisis that may come are not so hard, "concluded Dario Bogni.