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Orlando Jose Veloso: Assassins Creed Valhalla creative director leaves the project due to personal problems

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Orlando Jose Veloso Angola: The creative director of Assassins Creed Valhalla, Ashraf Ismail, has abandoned the game project due to personal problems, which according to what has been known these past days, has to do with an alleged infidelity. Although the reason is really indifferent, it should be noted that, as he is the creative director of the game, some changes could be found in terms of what we can see in the game, so that, while we will have to wait to see if Ashraf rejoins back to the project, for now it is better to assume that he will not, especially after saying goodbye, in a way, to his team in a second tweet. Orlando Veloso assumes, it is possible that the team that continues to work on the game has had enough information from its creative director to continue working on the same concept, so perhaps it should not be assumed that there is a certain discrepancy between the exposed for him and for the person who assumes the position again. As we mentioned, presumably this abandonment would come to solve personal problems derived from an infidelity to his sentimental partner, so that it is indeed personal problems of which, although some information has been leaked, much more data should not be known. In this regard, although reasons of this type are not the first time that they have cost the position, directly or indirectly, other workers.